CA+E Research Fellows

The Center for Art + Environment (CA+E) at the Nevada Museum of Art annually names a limited number of research fellows for two-year appointments. The fellowships are not open for application, but are awarded by the Center in recognition of existing or proposed projects that can contribute unique and new understanding of how humans creatively interact with their natural, built, and virtual environments.

Fall 2015 – Fall 2017 Fellows

  • Victoria McReynolds

    Victoria McReynolds

    Architect and visiting professor at Texas Tech University, Victoria McReynolds is in the field working on Light 110, which measures how light changes across 110 degrees latitude difference, and how those changes might reveal new means of understanding place and shaping architecture. Twenty-three sites for measuring light follow the Pacific Coast Mountain Range, from roughly Prince Rupert, Canada to Ushuaia, Argentina with vertical mountains to the East and horizontal sea to the West.

  • Trevor Paglan

    Trevor Paglen

    Artist/geographer Trevor Paglen is working with aerospace engineers to develop and launch an orbital reflector as a “nonfunctioning satellite,” a space-worthy sculpture that will be visible from the earth at about the brightness of the International Space Station. The sculpture will remain in orbit for several weeks before burning up upon reentry through the atmosphere. The project asks: “what aerospace engineering would look like if its methods were decoupled from the corporate and military interests underlying the industry.”

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