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  • Swiss Alps

    Dispatches from the Alps, 6

    January 2, 2015   |   By William L. Fox

    This morning we start our second visit to public site-specific art installations by meeting with Jean-Maurice Verone, the organizer of two public art programs in the Valais. Jean-Maurice is a Swiss designer working in Milan, and we gather in his jam-packed work space in a contemporary high-tech business park in Martigny. Jean-Maurice started R&ART in... View Post

  • Swiss Alps

    Dispatches from the Alps, 5

    December 18, 2014   |   By William L. Fox

    We have used up the afternoon of our first day in Switzerland by touring the unique and almost unknown art collection at Furka Pass, but before descending back to the Valais, Janis Osolin leads us on a small detour to view the Rhône Glacier, which now has to be hiked to above the Hotel Belvédère,... View Post

  • Swiss Alps

    Dispatches from the Alps, 4

    December 16, 2014   |   By William L. Fox

    Settling down with Janis Osolin for a lunch of homemade tomato soup, deer salami, bread and local cheeses, I scribble as fast as I can as he relates the history of Furk’Art . Janis is committed to people understanding the pass as more than a scenic climax, but as a site socially constructed through the... View Post

  • Swiss Alps

    Dispatches from the Alps, 3

    December 5, 2014   |   By William L. Fox

    The eastern end of the Valais hosts the headwaters of the Rhône that originate from a glacier of the same name. The famous body of ice which once rested as far down as the valley floor has retreated during the last 150 years up an enormous cliff, the icefall leaving behind a series of waterfalls.... View Post

  • Swiss Alps

    Dispatches from the Alps, 2

    November 25, 2014   |   By William L. Fox

    This morning the skies over southwestern Switzerland are clear as we drive east and along the Rhône River. The Canton Valais is a corridor for traffic to and from Italy south and over the mountains to our right. A 48-inch diameter pipeline transferring gas from the Netherlands to Italy is on our left, as are... View Post

  • Swiss Alps

    Dispatches from the Alps, 1

    September 11, 2014   |   By William L. Fox

    Flying this morning into low clouds over Lake Geneva, the Swiss Alps were hidden save for the 4,810 meter (15,781 ft.) Mt. Blanc, which stands above all of Europe. When I was last here more than forty years ago, Geneva was tightly clustered around the lakeshore, and driving up into Switzerland’s southern alps in the... View Post

  • visits Norway

    Vardø 4

    January 21, 2014   |   By William L. Fox

    The Norwegian government has established eighteen national tourist routes that traverse some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. Each of them host place-specific architecture and art interventions that reveal aspects of nature and culture which might otherwise remain unnoticed. In Vardø, at the end of the northernmost of the routes, is the Steilneset Memorial... View Post

  • The Examined Life

    September 30, 2013   |   By William L. Fox

    The artists Linda Fleming and Michael Moore have shared houses, studios, dogs, cooking, cars, and life in general over three properties in as many states for several decades. The main house, if there is one, is a converted bar/restaurant in the bayside town of Benicia, California; another is a house built by them in the... View Post

  • CA+E Visits New York 2013

    Frederic Church’s Olana: Home as Performance Space

    August 29, 2013   |   By William L. Fox

    I’ve always wanted to visit Olana, the home of 19th century painter Frederic Church, since Joe Thompson, the director of Mass MoCA, flew me over it in his Cessna several years ago. Church, the great Hudson River School landscape painter who worked everywhere from Labrador to Ecuador, is one of my heroes, and Olana one... View Post

  • Visits to Australia

    Visiting Brisbane Part 2 of 2

    August 8, 2013   |   By William L. Fox

    After stopping in Brisbane to visit the Asia Pacific Triennial, CA+E Archivist Sara Frantz and I flew to Melbourne for meetings with Guy Abrahams of Climarte, a nonprofit that uses art to address climate change, as well as to see Linda Williams and Leon von Schaik at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology schools of... View Post