CA+E Research Application

Nevada Museum of Art houses more than one million items in its collections, including artworks, archival materials, and library mterials. The CA+E welcomes researchers who wish to study its archival collections and will do its best to accommodate research requests.

Before scheduling a visit to the Museum, please call or email Archivist/Librarian Sara Frantz (775-398-7261, to determine what materials you would like to review and to set up an appointment, or fill out the research request form below.

Access to the collections is by appointment only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Please return this application at least 1 week in advance before scheduling your visit.

All researchers, please read and sign this form, and abide by the following procedures:

  1. Enter through the Museum School door and register with security;
  2. Wear your security badge at all times while on Museum premises;
  3. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while in the library;
  4. Set cell phones and pagers on non-audible;
  5. Wear gloves (provided) when touching objects from the collections or archives;
  6. Use only paper, pencil and/or laptop computer for taking notes (pens are not allowed);
  7. Personal scanners and cameras are not allowed without prior approval;
  8. Do not bend, crease or fold objects or in any way alter or deface them;
  9. Do not place any items on top of research materials;
  10. Do not remove any object from the archives or collection storage;
  11. Do not handle large, unwieldy or fragile objects—these will be handled only by Museum staff;
  12. Photocopying and scanning for reference purposes only will be done by staff.


Also, please note that some items may require that researchers be accompanied and supervised at all times by a member of the Museum staff when viewing them.

The Museum will make every effort to provide low-resolution electronic copies of images, text and other available information to the researcher provided no infringement of copyright will occur. A fee may be charged, depending on the nature of the request.

If the researcher wishes to reproduce an artwork or object, it is the researcher’s sole responsibility to obtain permission from the Nevada Museum of Art, along with any other third parties in possession of copyright.

Researchers are asked to consider donating a copy of his/her completed research to the Center for Art + Environment Archives.

The Museum will do its best to accommodate a research request, but the Archivist/Librarian reserves the right to refuse access to an object if its integrity could be compromised in any way.

Please complete the application below to request
access after reviewing the research guidelines.