Latimer Art Club Juried Exhibition:
Northern Nevada Landscapes

Wayne L. Prim Theater Lobby | Floor 1

Organized on the 90th anniversary of the Nevada Museum of Art, The Latimer School: Lorenzo Latimer and the Latimer Art Club brings together landscape paintings by the watercolor painter Lorenzo Latimer, alongside those of the artists he mentored, including Hildegard Herz, Esther Peckham, Dora Groesbeck, Echo Mapes Robinson, Minerva Pierce, Delores Samuel Young, and Nevada Wilson Reilly. These artists joined together to formally found the Latimer Art Club in 1921, the founding volunteer organization of the Nevada Art Gallery—now known as the Nevada Museum of Art. The Latimer Art Club is still active and celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021.

To honor this important history, and to celebrate concurrent milestones in our community, the Museum will host a juried exhibition of present-day Latimer Art Club members. Selected works will be on view in the Wayne L. Prim Theater Gallery.