Nevada Museum of Art | Art + Environment | 2011 Art + Environment Conference at the Nevada Museum of Art | September 30 through October 1, 2011

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Art museums can be temples to culture or cultural catalysts. They can be passive and predictable or unpredictably idea-driven. Museums can watch the world pass them by, or they can shape the trajectory of its course. Art and ideas matter here. We see art that challenges minds, melds environments and cultures, and responds to the uncertainties of the future. Art has a point of view and it deserves a voice at the table. That's what the Art + EnvironmentSM Conference gives it.

The Art + Environment ConferenceSM at the Nevada Museum of Art reaches across continents, disciplines, and media to unite a dynamic group of thinkers shaping ideas about human interactions with global environments. A flagship program of the Museum's Center for Art + Environment, the 2011 Conference brings together artists, scholars, designers, and writers for a dialogue that fosters new knowledge in the visual arts. During the Conference, the Museum's galleries feature exhibitions that question our relationships with natural, built, and virtual environments, while serving as a springboard for Conference sessions
and keynote presentations.

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