The Nevada Museum of Art permanent collection is divided into four thematic focus areas: Altered Landscape Photography, Art of the Greater West, Contemporary Art, and the Work Ethic. The Center for Art + Environment Archive Collections and Library serve scholars and researchers seeking information related to creative interactions between people and their natural, built, and virtual environments.

These thematic, rather than historical or stylistic, specializations are a natural outgrowth of the institution’s collecting practices over the years. The Center for Art + Environment houses more than 75 archives comprised of 20,000 items in its Archive Collections and over 6,000 books in its Research Library.


  • AlteredLandscape_166-167

    The Altered Landscape Carol Franc Buck Collection

    The Altered Landscape Photography Collection is the Museum’s largest focus collection and features more than 1,000 contemporary landscape photographs.

  • COL-Greater-West-Phyllis

    Robert S. and Dorothy J. Keyser Art of the Greater West Collection

    The Museum’s found collection of historical landscape painting from a “super region” that crosses continents spanning from Alaska, Patagonia, and from the Rocky Mountains of the American West to across the Pacific Ocean to Australia.

  • COL-Contemporary

    Contemporary Art

    The Museum’s rapidly expanding Contemporary Collection features work by regional, national, and international artists across a variety of media.

  • COL-Work-Ethic-Payne

    E. L. Wiegand Work Ethic in American Art Collection

    The Work Ethic Collection includes paintings that depict laborers, work environments, and workers at rest.

  • COL-CAE-Archives

    CA+E Archive Collection

    The CA+E Archive Collections hold materials related to projects created in and about natural, built, and virtual environments.

  • COL-CAE-Library

    CA+E Research Library

    The CA+E Research Library is a non-lending library open to the public from 11 am – 2 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Researchers can contact us to work outside those times.