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  • Seattle Studio Visits

    Seattle Studio Visits: Lead Pencil Studio — Part 3 of 3

    January 22, 2012   |   By William L. Fox

    The last stop David Abel and I made in Seattle on our studio visits was to meet with Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio. They live in a self-designed concrete house a few blocks down the street from Ellen Sollod, their structure a very contemporary anomaly among the more conventional houses of... View Post

  • Seattle Studio Visits

    Seattle Studio Visits: Ellen Sollod and Steve Peters — Part 2 of 3

    January 13, 2012   |   By William L. Fox

    Ellen Sollod has had an artistic career that spans ceramics, photography, writing, and art and design for public places. Along the way she worked at the Visual Arts Program at the NEA, directed the Colorado Arts Commission, and ran the Seattle Arts Commission. I’ve been her colleague during many of those incarnations, and it was... View Post

  • Seattle Studio Visits

    Seattle Studio Visits: Lorna Jordan and John Grade — Part 1 of 3

    January 1, 2012   |   By William L. Fox

    January 2012 I spent the days before Christmas with CA+E Research Fellow and writer David Abel making studio visits in Seattle. It’s hard to imagine a more congenial and collegial group of people than the six people with whom we met. Upon our arrival on a Thursday afternoon, we first visited environmental artist Lorna Jordan,... View Post