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Marbling: Open Studio Session

Paper Marbling Lab is designed to give students more time to perfect the techniques learned in Introduction to Paper or Fabric Marbling and to explore advanced patterns. Professional marbler Pietro Accardi will be on hand to coach students as they create personalized batches of decorative paper to take home. Students will be able to practice each step of marbling from prepping the water to creating patterns and applying them to papers, and will also have a chance to learn more advanced marbling patterns. This workshop is ideal for students looking to enhance their skills and also students without the space for a marbling set up at home.

All materials including: marbling trays; drying racks; papers and textiles from standard white to black, brown, and other colors; carrageenan; combs; and a wide array of pigments will be provided.

Wednesday, November 28
10 am – 5 pm

Instructor: Pietro Accardi
Ages: Adult (15+) / Must have some marbling experience (i.e. Intro to Paper or Textile Marbling class)

Book Arts: Cards to Dye For

Class Meets: Wednesday August 13 and Thursday August 14

Experiment with dyes and papers to create wonderful cards personalized cards in this two-day workshop. Emploring a sense of freedom and discovery students will embrace the fluid nature of colored inks to create one-of-a-kind mixed-media cards. Students will explore basic paper handling techniques and will learn to prepare and dye their cards. Dyes, papers, cards and envelopes are included with course registration.

Instructor: Carol Pallesen

Ages: 15 and Up / All Levels C

Required Supplies: Bone folder, pencil, ruler, eraser, rubber gloves (to keep dyes from staining cuticles!)

Book Arts: Non-Adhesive Bookbinding

An excellent introduction to the tools, techniques and resources of bookbinding, we will create three different non-adhesive book structures: an accordion book, a single signature chapbook and a book from a single sheet of paper. After this class you’ll have the tools and know-how to begin making journals, artists’ books, chapbooks and more.

Instructor: Katherine Case

Ages: 15 and Up / All Levels

Required Supplies: Pencil, 18” metal ruler, Xacto knife (#10), Bookbinding Awl, Bone folder, scissors, medium binder clips, glue stick.

NOTE: Please bring a sack lunch.

Bookbinding: Handmade Book with Collaged Cover

Instructor: Katherine Case