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Cedra Wood: The Arctic Circle


Summary Note

Artist Cedra Wood was an artist-in-residence aboard the three-week 2012 Arctic Circle voyage which navigated around southern parts of the Svalbard archipelago and Spitsbergen. She conducted additional research in Edinburgh, Cambridge, London, and Norway.

Biographical Note

Cedra Wood earned an MFA at the University of New Mexico in painting and drawing, and is a former participant in the Land Arts of the American West program at UNM, as well as the Environment Studio Artist Exchange University of New Mexico / Australia National University. She worked as a personal assistant to Dave Hickey, served as an intern at SITE Santa Fe, and has appeared in numerous local and regional exhibitions. She was made a CA+E Research Fellow for 2012-2014. Her work combines travel and fieldwork with site-specific performances that she then turns into landscape paintings in which she appears as a metaphorical character.

Scope and Content

Wood was an artist-in-residence aboard the fall, 2012 Arctic Circle voyage, a commercial venture run by The Farm, a New York nonprofit environmental art organization that organizes two cruises annually to Svalbard for artists and writers. Before commencing the cruise, she conducted Arctic research in Edinburgh, Cambridge, and London. The three-week voyage aboard a traditionally rigged 156-ft barquentine, which navigated around southern parts of the Svalbard archipelago and Spitsbergen, included trips ashore to historic whaling communities. Following the voyage to Svalbard, Wood travelled throughout coastal Norway to collect material for paintings. A number of exhibitions resulted from her residency.

Materials include a leather-bound field journal with text, drawings and paintings; letters from the field enclosed in small vintage glass bottles; correspondence, grant application materials.


Cedra Wood: The Arctic Circle is organized into two folders: Application and Related Material, and Objects.

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Related Publications

516 Arts. Knew Normal and Off the Charts. Albuquerque, N.M.: 516 Arts, 2009.

Australian National University. Mallee [mæli:] Aesthetic Responses to a Semi-Arid Place. Canberra ACT, Australia: Australian National University, 2011.

Wood, Cedra. Lights all Askew in the Heavens: Paintings by Cedra Wood. Albuquerque, NM: Cedra Wood, 2010.

Container Listing:

  • CAE Box 5

    • Folder 1 Application and Related Material, 2011 – 2014
    • Folder 2 Objects, 2012 – 2016

Additional Materials

    CAE Box 14 Small Objects

    • 2#1a Glass Bottle, 9/11/2012
    • 2#2a Glass Bottle, 9/13/2012
    • 2#3a Glass Bottle, 9/16/2012
    • 2#4a Glass Bottle, 9/27/2012
    • 2#5a Glass Bottle, 9/29/2012
    • 2#6a Glass Bottle, 10/2/2012
    • 2#7a Glass Bottle, 10/20/2012
    • 2#8a Glass Bottle, 11/04/2012

    CAE Flat File F4 Oversized Items

    • 2#12 Part of the Ship, Mock-up, 2016