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Boundless Horizons: A Land Arts Exhibition


Summary Note

The exhibition “Boundless Horizons” was the result of a partnership between the educational outdoor art programs at the Australia National University, MiraCosta College, University of New Mexico, and Colorado State University. Materials include photographs, sculptural objects, printed ephemera, and digital prints.

Biographical Note

Biographical Note: Bill Gilbert, John Reid, Erika Osborne, and Yoshimi Hayashi
The “Boundless Horizon” exhibition was co-curated by artists Bill Gilbert (University of New Mexico), John Reid (Australia National University), Yoshi Hayashi (Mira Costa College), and Erika Osborne (Colorado State University), who then invited a select group of related artists/former students to participate. Gilbert founded the Land Arts of the American West Program at UNM in 1970. John Reid, who started teaching at ANU in 1973, initiated its Art & Ecology Program, and now serves as an Emeritus Professor. Erika Osborne was a student in the Land Arts program, worked as its assistant director, and then started her own field studies programs at West Virginia University and then CSU, where she now teaches. Yoshimi (Yoshi) Hayashi, another Land Arts graduate, teaches at Mira Costa College, where he likewise started a related program. All four have participated in exchange programs with John Reid and his students in Australia.

Scope and Content

“Boundless Horizons” brought together artists from Australia and the Western United States who utilize the context of outdoor environment in their practice. Many of the artists had collaborated in facilitating each other’s journeys in an exchange program between Land Arts of the American West (University of New Mexico) and the Arts & Ecology at the Australia National University in Canberra. The exhibition was a partnership between several educational outdoor art programs, including the Australia National University “Field studies” Program (Canberra), the MiraCosta College “Landmarks of Art” Program (Oceanside, California), the University of New Mexico “Land Arts of the American Southwest” program, and the Colorado State University “Art and Environment” program. The journeys ranged from urban metropolitan settings to rural and raw landscapes. Artists encountered places ranging from remote indigenous sites to contemporary “Land works”. Their responses varied from working directly with the materials found in each site and incorporating issues of ecology, to studio works inspired by the sites. The work featured in the show was shown at each of the partnership institutions. Materials include photographs, sculptural objects, printed ephemera, and digital prints.


Boundless Horizons: A Land Arts Exhibition is organized into 12 folders. The first folder contains exhibition ephemera, the following folders are further organized alphabetically by the artist last name, which are finally followed by collaborative projects that are organized by artwork name.

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Quantity / Extent

.75 cubic feet



Related Publications

Tufnell, Ben. Land Art. London; New York, N.Y.: Tate; Distributed in the U.S. by Harry N. Abrams, 2006.

University of New Mexico. Land Arts of the American West. Albuquerque NM: University of New Mexico.

Container Listing:

  • CAE Box 5

    • Folder 1 2 Collaborative Project: No Regrets, video, 2013
    • Folder 2 Yoshimi Hayashi, 2013
    • Folder 3 Ryan Henel, 2011
    • Folder 4 Joseph Mougel, 2011
    • Folder 5 Heike Qualitz, 2013
    • Folder 6 John Reid, 2011 – 2013
    • Folder 7 Amanda Stuart, 2011
    • Folder 8 Marzena Wasikowska, 2013
    • Folder 9 Amelia Zaraftis, 2012

Additional Materials

    CAE Box 46 Objects

    • 2#3 l’immigration, Origami Xerox Copy Paper, 2013
    • 9#6 Safety Complex, (Costume hat), 2012

    CAE Box 89 Objects

    • 3#1 Cetacea Populus (1), Digital print mounted on board, 2011
    • 3#2 Cetacea Populus (2), Digital print mounted on board, 2011
    • 9#9 Safety Complex, (Costume shoes), 2012
    • 9#10 Safety Complex, (Costume skirt), 2012

    CAE Flat File F5 Oversized Items

    • 5#3 Muley Lacuna, Digital Print, 2013
    • 6#2 Walking the Solar System, Monument Valley, 2011
    • 9#4 SELF SERVE, 2012

    CAE Flat File F17 Oversized Items

    • 4#1 Salted Trees (1), Salt print, 2011
    • 4#2 Salted Trees (2), Salt print, 2011
    • 4#3 Salted Trees (3), Salt print, 2011
    • 4#4 Salted Trees (4), Salt print, 2011
    • 4#5 Salted Trees (5), Salt print, 2011
    • 4#6 Salted Trees (6), Salt print, 2011
    • 5#1 Crossed Cultures I, Digital print, 2013
    • 5#2 Crossed Cultures IV, Digital print, 2013
    • 5#4 Saline Sanctuary, Digital print, 2013
    • 7#1 Feral topiaries, Digital print, 2011
    • 7#2 Malleable, Digital print, 2011
    • 9#5 There’s no place like Albuquerque, Digital print, 2012