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Erin Moore: FLOAT


Summary Note

Erin Moore uses her architecture practice FLOAT for architectural research and design as a testing ground for designing with explicit intentions for the ecological context of buildings. Five projects are presented in this archive.

Biographical Note

Erin E. Moore is an associate professor in the Department of Architecture and in the Environmental Studies Program and is Head of the School of Architecture and Environment in the College of Design at the University of Oregon. Moore works in teaching, research and creative practice on the life cycle environmental context of building construction and on the ways that buildings shape and reflect cultural constructions of nature. She uses her architecture practice FLOAT architectural research and design as a testing ground for designing with explicit intentions for the ecological context of buildings. Recent work explores the architectural space of fossil fuel consumption, biogenic carbon sequestration, and climate change including the studio course “Lines: Lines, Pipelines, and the Contested Space of Fossil Fuel Transport in the Pacific Northwest,” the paper “Geologic Time is No Longer Slow Time,” and the installation “OUR: Collective Future Project” for the for the Dhillon Marty Foundation under the aegis of UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations (MOST) programme (2017). Moore was an invited contributor to the art and architecture section of the United Nations Experts' Report on Harmony with Nature (2016).

Scope and Content

The archive contains materials from five projects of the FLOAT studio: Watershed (2007), Rainette Verte (Unbuilt, 2009), Outside House (2017), Our Collective Future Project (2017), and Portals (2019). The emphasis of these projects are modest, sustainable structures integrated with the outside environment.


This archive is organized by project. Projects are further arranged by date.
  • Series 1: Watershed (2007)
  • Series 2: Rainette Verte (Unbuilt
  • Series 3: Outside House (2017)
  • Series 4: Our Collective Future Project (2017)
  • Series 5: Portals (2019)

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Related Publications

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Container Listing by Series:

CAE2005/1 Series 1: Watershed (2007), 2002-2017

Series 1 contains materials for the 2007 Watershed architectural project, a writing retreat structure situated in the Marys River Watershed, Willamette Valley, Oregon. Materials include a notebook, architectural plans, a hand-sewn site analysis book, essays, digital images, and press materials.
  • CAE Box 186

    • 1-1 Project Development, 2002-2007
    • 1-2 KDM farm manuscript notes, 2004-2013
    • 1-3 Images, 2007-2017
    • 1-4 Press, 2008-2016

Additional Materials

  • CAE Box 201 Objects

    • 1-1#6 Concept Development Notebook, 2006 – 2007
    • 1-1#9 TR 1106, Site Analysis, c. 2006
  • CAE Flat File F20 Oversized Items

    • 1-1#7 Site Analysis: Watershed Site, Plan, 2002
    • 1-1#8 Site Analysis for Watershed Site (Riparian Edge), Plan, 2003

CAE2005/2 Series 2: Rainette Verte (Unbuilt, 2009), 2008-2009

Series 2 contains a project notebook and schematic submission materials for an unrealized project situated in Bordeaux, France. Materials include a detailed project development notebook, correspondence and documents associated with the schematic submission.
  • CAE Box 186

    • 2-1 Project Development, 2008-2009
    • 2-2 Schematic Submission, 2009

Additional Materials

  • CAE Box 201 Objects

    • 2-1#1 Project Notebook, 2008 – 2009

CAE2005/3 Series 3: Outside House (2017), 2011-2018

Series 3 contains materials for the 2017 Outside House architectural project, an outdoor minimal living structure situated in Maui, Hawaii. Materials include a correspondence, architectural plans, digital images, and press materials. Folders are sorted by subject.
  • CAE Box 186

    • 3-1 Project Development, 2011-2015
    • 3-2 Project Images, 2017
    • 3-3 Press Materials, 2017-2018

Additional Materials

  • CAE S-Box 41

    • 3-1#9c Initial Questions and Research (2 pages, double sided), 2011
    • 3-1#10 Site Photographs (1 page, 2 sided), Paper, not dated
    • 3-1#11 Project Development Notes (9 pages), Tracing Paper, not dated
    • 3-1#12 Layout Template Construction (5 pages), Document, July 5, 2015
    • 3-1#13 95% Construction Documents for Estimating (43 pages), Document, September 11-14, 2015

CAE2005/4 Series 4: Our Collective Future Project (2017), 2017-2019

Series 4 contains materials for the architectural project titled Our Collective Future Project (OUR). Materials include a project statement, a presentation, digital images, and press materials.
  • CAE Box 186

    • 4-1 Project Development, 2017
    • 4-2 Project Images and Video, 2017-2019
    • 4-3 Press Materials, 2017

CAE2005/5 Series 5: Portals (2019), 2013-2019

Series 5 contains materials for the three Portal structures installed in different locations in Oregon. Materials include a project notebook, and digital images and video for each location.
  • CAE Box 186

    • 5-1 Concept Development, 2013-2019
    • 5-2 Haynes Inlet Portal Images and Videos, 2019
    • 5-3 Coquille Portal Images and Videos, 2019
    • 5-4 Salmon Portal Images and Videos, 2019

Additional Materials

  • CAE Box 201 Objects

    • 5-1#5 Concept Development Notebook, 2013 – 2019