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Andrea Borsuk:
Leap of Faith

Contemporary Gallery

Santa Cruz-based artist Andrea Borsuk will create a new site-specific mural installation portraying the journey from the California coast to the Nevada desert. By layering paintings, drawings, and objects on top of a wall mural to imply a narrative trajectory, Borsuk explores the precarious notion of time and destiny.

“I am fascinated by our cultural obsessions with the various rituals and talismans that we subscribe to for protection, good luck and safety in our daily lives,” explains the artist. “Horseshoes, rabbit’s feet, and safety devices–all are mementi mori—signs and reminders of the precarious nature of life and our need for all kinds of faith. Referencing the three sisters of fate from Greek mythology, my narrative toys with the notions of divine powers and the hopes we may cast upon these eclectic ‘goddesses’ for bestowing upon us fortune and survival.”

Featured as jewels on an elaborate ‘thread of life,’ Borsuk’s cast of characters are reveling in and ultimately submitting to the journey of life—an unpredictable and ever-changing ride.

Watch a video of Borsuk’s journey from Santa Cruz to Reno, NV here. (Link)