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Andy Warhol’s Dream America

Screenprints from the Collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation

Andy Warhol, one of the most influential and provocative artists of the twentieth century, combined images of popular culture along with the dissemination methods of mass media to create some of the most iconic and defining artwork of our time. Andy Warhol’s Dream America offers a comprehensive look of this legendary Pop artist’s printmaking career. The exhibition also provides a unique opportunity to view a large selection of complete print portfolios featuring some of Warhol’s most recognizable prints—including images of Marilyn Monroe, Jacquelyn Kennedy, Mick Jagger, and the Campbell’s Soup cans. Additionally, the exhibition examines the complex relationship between Pop art and more traditional forms of artistic expression, and places special emphasis on the way that Warhol blurred the boundary between high and low art.

Through his art, Warhol’s dissection of American society, commerce, and everyday life, and his reverence for—and playful exploitation of—American commercial culture, fame, stardom and glamour, is a moving and compelling vehicle for examining who we are as people. Warhol’s art, both accessible and yet powerfully complex, offers us a significant path toward learning more about ourselves.