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Franklin Evans:

Contemporary Gallery

timepaths is a process-based, multi-media installation by Reno-born artist Franklin Evans that investigates the complex paths he’s taken as a contemporary artist. Now living in New York and showing in galleries internationally, Evans first started painting at Stanford University as an undergraduate in 1987. At that time university art programs tended to maintain distinct boundaries between various media. Evans, however, sought a more complex visual language and began to explore the dissolution of distinct media through collaborations with choreographers, writers, and curators. His resulting installations take on the appearance of labyrinthine studio spaces where materials from diverse times and places in his life provide context and are given equal attention.

The installation at the Nevada Museum of Art will consist of multiple intersecting systems of work that Evans has been developing over the past five years. Among them will be photoappropriation, a visual exploration of the artist’s own personal family photographs; curationappropriation, a system that explores the artist’s relationship to the contemporary art gallery system; wallmemoryskin, which specifically refers to past wall installations, and wallnotes and readingnotes that combines the artist’s diaristic excerpts from his journals and audio notes. All of these will be experienced in relation to Evans’ signature tape screens made from painted canvas strips that he refers to as painthallstage.


Ms. Chris Mattsson, Carole Server and Oliver Frankel, Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Stanley, Wynn Resorts, City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission, and the Nevada Arts Council , a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency