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Joan Myers:
Western Power

Photographer Joan Myers recognizes that as consumers we often take the source of our power supply for granted, paying little attention to how energy is generated and distributed. In her series of panoramic photographs, Western Power, Myers makes visible a range of power plants—fueled by uranium, oil, gas, coal, water, solar, wind, and geothermal energy—throughout the Western United States. The photographs in this exhibition are a part of the Nevada Museum of Art’s Carol Franc Buck Altered Landscape photography collection.

Joan Myers: Western Power will feature six platinum palladium photographic prints in the Museum’s Prim Theater Gallery. The exhibition is organized by Ann M. Wolfe, and accompanies the Nevada Museum of Art Sustainable Energy and Communities Summit organized by Colin M. Robertson on Friday, October 16, 2009.

Regional and national business, education, community, and arts leaders converge at the Nevada Museum of Art for a half-day summit charting Northern Nevada’s course toward developing new vibrant communities growing out of the arts, sustainable energy businesses and economies, workforce education and training initiatives, and the environment in the twenty-first century.

As the nation begins to recover from the current economic downturn, the only precedent for which is the Great Depression, Northern Nevada is poised to lead the way to recovery in a New Economy based on clean, sustainable, and renewable energy; strong, effective businesses that create good jobs and foster long term economic prosperity; and rich environments in the arts, education, and the outdoors.

Four panels—one each on art, environment, business, and workforce training and education—followed by a keynote address delivered by Chevron Energy Solutions CEO Jim Davis, address how art, business, education, and environment each serve as catalysts for stimulating a new paradigm in Northern Nevada’s culture and economy.