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To Live Forever:
Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum

To Live Forever explores the ancient Egyptian belief that death was an enemy to be overcome through proper preparation.

This exhibition is drawn entirely from the Brooklyn Museum’s astonishing Egyptian collection and features over 120 objects, including statuary, sarcophagi, coffins, gold jewelry, and elegantly-crafted vessels. The objects in the collection range in date from 3650 BCE -365 CE and address the fundamental questions that are at the heart of any investigation of ancient Egyptian cultural practices.

While the Egyptian attitude towards death was not unique, their preparation for the afterlife by the creation of rich artifacts makes them and intriguing and mysterious civilization. The objects in this exhibition are divided into thematic sections based on their association with Egyptian life as it pertains to funerary objects. These themes include: beliefs about the afterlife, the mummy,
the non-royal elite, the funeral, and the tomb. The exhibition also explores the nature of Egyptian social structure from the elite to the poor, and compares the types of funerary preparations for different social classes.