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  • Power Switch: A Gathering Place for Western Neighbors

    October 15, 2015   |   By Michaela Rife

    In 2012 I wrote about the controversy surrounding British artist Chris Drury’s installation Carbon Sink: What Goes Around Comes Around. Three years after its sudden removal from the grounds of the University of Wyoming, apparently on its perceived condemnation of the extractive energies industry, it was the topic of discussion on a pasture hours away... View Post

  • Excavating Carbon Sink: Meditations on Art Removal

    December 6, 2012   |   By Michaela Rife

    ‘Arguments,’ such as they are, given in support of the removal of public art in our time range from political to aesthetic to moral. In some cases, as in the April 2003 toppling of Sadam Hussein’s Baghdad statue, the removal is documented as a cause célèbres. In others, as in the recent removal of disgraced... View Post

  • Chris Drury’s Carbon Sink: A Marker of Western Realities

    March 20, 2012   |   By Michaela Rife

    Visit the official Wyoming state tourism website and you will be greeted with promises of “untouched” beauty. Nature is a crucial part of the state’s public image, packed within the “Forever West” campaign that greets visitors on billboards, websites and television advertisements. The message could hardly be any clearer: Wyoming’s greatest cultural resource is its... View Post