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Book Arts: Carolingian Calligraphy

Tuesdays, April 10 – May 15 / 6 – 9 pm

Carolingian is a graceful style of calligraphy based on a script developed in France in the late 8th century during the rule of Charlemagne. It is a beautiful, legible and flowing hand, and as we dip our pens into ink, you will find that it is most enjoyable to write.

Instructor: Carol Pallesen
Ages: Adult (15+) / All levels

Supply List:
 Pen holder, 3mm nib (such as Brause), Strathmore 300 sketch pad (9×12″), Higgins Eternal Ink (black), dish to dip into, baby wipes, rag, apron. Please call Carol should you have any questions about the materials or need assistance locating any of the items – 775.329.6983 

Book Arts
April 10, 2018 6 – 9 pm