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Letterpress Printing from Photopolymer Plates

Tuesdau, July 7  / 6 – 8 pm -and- Saturday, July 18  / 10 am – 4 pm

Design and print your own business cards or personal stationery on the letterpress. Photopolymer plates allow one to letterpress print from any digital file. In the evening session of this class on July 7, letterpress printer Katherine Case will give students a step by step guide to creating a letterpress-ready PDF file. We will discuss the in’s and out’s of printing from photopolymer plates and look at lots of handouts and examples. Students will then email their own PDF’s to a service bureau (there will be a fee of $60-$75 each) to get photopolymer plates made. On day-two, Saturday, July 18, clas will meet at Meridian Press, Katherine’s letterpress studio in SW Reno to print individual polymer plates on a Vandercook letterpress. While we are printing everyone’s work, students will learn how to lock up, ink and print. No letterpress experience is required. Some design experience is required to create the personalized pdf for the polymer plate.

Supply List: Pencil, 18” metal ruler, Xacto knife, bookbinding awl, bone folder, medium and large binder clips, 1” glue brush.

Instructor: Katherine Case
Ages: 15 and Up / Some design experience

July 7, 2015 6 – 8 pm