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Mad Cap Map Book

Tuesdays, October 20 – November 10 / 6 – 9 pm

Maps can be finely-tuned accurate plottings of terrain or they can be loosely sketched, fanciful chartings from our imaginations. You will be encouraged to design a map or site of your choosing in whatever style you desire, so long as it’s on paper. Monoline calligraphic capital letters will be demonstrated and practiced. They will be used to label locations, thoughts, and memories. The map will be made into a book: a fun, enjoyable journal to record past experiences or future adventures.

Instructor: Carol Pallesen
Ages: 15 and up

Required Supplies: Bone folder, watercolor brushes, drafting tape, pencil & eraser, fine and extra fine black Sharpie markers, silver and/or gold markers, metal cork-backed ruler (18”), rags, apron, x-acto knife, maps of a place you’d like to go to, or maps & mementos from a place you’ve been to and loved. 

Book Arts
October 20, 2015 6 – 9 pm