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Anne Brigman: A Visionary in Modern Photography

The Nevada Museum of Art and Rizzoli Electra, New York published the first comprehensive book devoted to Anne Brigman. The special deluxe packaging for this publication includes a box containing two volumes: one large 400-page book is devoted to Brigman’s photographic career, covering such topics as Brigman’s work within the contexts of the California Arts & Crafts movement and New York Modernism, and the relevance of her work to contem­porary conversations regarding gendered landscapes, performance, and photography. Also included is a smaller book with Brigman’s poetry and reproductions from Brigman’s original Songs of a Pagan, first published in 1949.

Written by Ann M. Wolfe with contributions from Susan Ehrens, Alexander Nemerov, Kathleen Pyne, and Heather Waldroup. Design by Brad Bartlett.