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  • Excavating Carbon Sink: Meditations on Art Removal

    December 6, 2012   |   By Michaela Rife

    ‘Arguments,’ such as they are, given in support of the removal of public art in our time range from political to aesthetic to moral. In some cases, as in the April 2003 toppling of Sadam Hussein’s Baghdad statue, the removal is documented as a cause célèbres. In others, as in the recent removal of disgraced... View Post

  • Seattle Studio Visits

    Seattle Studio Visits: Lorna Jordan and John Grade — Part 1 of 3

    January 1, 2012   |   By William L. Fox

    January 2012 I spent the days before Christmas with CA+E Research Fellow and writer David Abel making studio visits in Seattle. It’s hard to imagine a more congenial and collegial group of people than the six people with whom we met. Upon our arrival on a Thursday afternoon, we first visited environmental artist Lorna Jordan,... View Post

  • Dr.Byron Vreeland Shows Off His Lamp

    November 1, 2011   |   By William L. Fox

    On a rainy morning in early October several of us drove up a narrow Los Angeles street so steep it was practically a waterfall. We were venturing deep into one of the storied canyons of the Hollywood Hills to meet Byron Vreeland, a notable collector of Tiffany-era glass work who is lending us several lamps... View Post