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Marisha Farnsworth: The Temple


Summary Note

The 2017 Burning Man Temple designed by artist, designer, Marisha Farnsworth, was built entirely from 100 dead trees, calling attention to the 100 million dead pine trees in California’s forests. Materials include proposals, design drawings, correspondence, digital images, and press materials.

Biographical Note

Marisha Farnsworth is an artist and designer who creates public space interventions that address questions of place, functionality and collectivity. Marisha’s work focuses on future ecosystems, infrastructural utopias and the social and economic implications of materiality in the built environment. Embracing collaboration, Marisha has worked with interdisciplinary teams to develop waste-stream based building materials, and has a longstanding collaboration with the ecological engineering firm, Hyphae Design Lab. In 2009, Marisha co-founded Urban Biofilter, a nonprofit that combines ecology, urban planning and community-based design to reimagine urban ecology. Urban Biofilter’s projects, implemented from the port of West Oakland to informal settlements in Tijuana, have been funded by the Strategic Growth Council, and exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Marisha holds an Master of Architecture degree from UC Berkeley and a BFA from the Cooper Union and currently teaches at Laney College in Oakland, CA. In addition to co-founding The Natural Builders, a contracting company based in the East Bay, Marisha has conducted research and design and has traveled to work on projects for organizations including Builders Without Borders, Architecture for Humanity, and Kleiwerks International.

Marisha Farnsworth is the daughter of Donald and Era Farnsworth, the owners of experimental print house Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA. She has been a long-time member of the David Best Temple Crew, and still produces architectural plans for the Crew’s work around the world.

Scope and Content

The Burning Man Temples are one of the largest structures at Burning Man, and provides a space for mourning and healing for the 70,000 participants who travel to the Nevada desert each year. In stark contrast with its surroundings, the Temple provides a quiet, contemplative space where participants bring mementos of people who passed away during the previous year. By the end of the week-long event, the Temple is covered with hand-written messages, objects and photographs, which are burned along with the structure in a cathartic ritual. The first Temple was designed and constructed by Bay Area artist David Best in 2000.

Drawing inspiration from the pine forests where the reclaimed material for this temple originated, the large timbers were assembled to create a delicate, interwoven structure, 150 feet across. Stepped columns supported a latticed canopy that spanned the structure. Stacked wood, configured into basket-like domes and cantilevers, created patterns of light and shadow. The central space focused on a void in the apex of the spire; a hole to see the sky through.

100 volunteers had only two weeks on-site to construct the 90-foot tall pavilion. The structural strategy, a repetitive stacking system, fostered ease of assembly, while supporting the primary program with a series of shelves and alcoves. The rough-sawn wood, streaked with blue and gray, revealed its origin: Beetle-kill pine salvaged from the tree mortality crisis in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Temple was built entirely from 100 dead trees, calling attention to the 100 million dead pine trees in California’s forests. Archive materials include proposals, design drawings, correspondence, digital images, and press materials.


This archive is arranged into four folders sorted by subject that follow the project development timeline.

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Container Listing:

  • CAE Box 118

    • Folder 1 Concept Development, 2014 – 2017
    • Folder 2 Correspondence, 2017
    • Folder 3 Fundraising and Press Materials, 2017
    • Folder 4 Project Actualization, 2017

Additional Materials

    CAE Box 77 Small Objects

    • 4-#33 The Temple 2017, Pendant, 2017
    • 4-#34 Temple 2017, Button, 2017

    CAE Box 113 Large Objects

    • #35 Temple 2017 Crew, ID Badge, 2017

    CAE Flat File F5 Oversized Items

    • 1#13 Large Temple Rendering, Drawing, 2017

    CAE Flat File F19 Oversized Items

    • 1#14 Medium Temple Rendering, Drawing, 2017

    CAE Stand-Alone Box

    • #15 The Temple, Model, 2017