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Quilts of the Sierra Nevada by Ann Johnston

Robert Z. Hawkins Gallery | Floor 3

This exhibition features 24 of Ann Johnston’s large-scale quilts inspired by the Sierra Nevada. Johnston’s quilts—made from cloth that the artist has dyed herself—make creative use of patterns and textures to create literal, abstract, and sometimes completely imaginative representations of the area. Using both machine and hand-stitching, the artist creates dimensional surfaces that reflect the varied geological makeup of the Sierra Nevada.

The collection of work presents subjects that visitors to the Sierra might recognize—bands of colors in the earth, mineral-rich rock layers that have been squeezed and heated over centuries, mountain peaks, lakes, and rock formations. “My creative process has involved both looking at what is there on the land at present, as well as trying to imagine events unseen,” the artist writes. This exhibit also features several new works created by Johnston in the past year.

Sandy Raffealli, in memory of Molly Meeker O’Dea
Volunteers in Art of the Nevada Museum of Art

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