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Prototype for New Understanding

Barbara and Tad Danz Gallery | Floor 3

Prototype for New Understanding, a title inspired by an artwork by Brian Jungen, debuts recent artwork acquisitions alongside longtime favorites from the Nevada Museum of Art permanent collection. Over the past decade, the Museum has worked diligently to grow its permanent collection and to establish itself as a leader in the field of art and environment, examining ways people interact with natural, built, and virtual environments. This field of inquiry stems from the Museum’s geographic location in a region known for diverse indigenous cultures; an extreme desert environment; rich natural resources; military, industrial, and nuclear history; complex land and water issues; and legacies of colonialism. The Museum’s integrated art, archive, and library collections are at the heart of this field of inquiry and reflect this unique thematic orientation.

The artworks on view in the exhibition were chosen to promote curiosity and connect ideas across time, space, geographies, disciplines, and cultures, and to catalyze interdisciplinary conversations about our changing world.