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Tadáskía and Ana Cláudia Almeida:
A Joyner/Giuffrida Visiting Artists Program

Wayne L. Prim Theater Lobby | Floor 1

This collaborative wall project by Tadáskía (b. 1993) and Ana Cláudia Almeida (b. 1993) explores the spiritual dimensions of visual forms through hybrid approaches to painting and drawing. Tadáskía’s graphic tangles of colors and lines incite us to accompany the winding forms as if following a path of a traveler who mediates a familiar earthly world and a far-off mystical space. Through prints, paintings and drawings, Almeida creates movements on fabric and paper that record reflections on religion, nature and sexuality, and the constant mutability that underlies life and artistic making. Both artists emphasize change, in their material processes—through the transference of gestures across different supports—and in the transitive, ever-shifting images. Though abstract, their work sparks associations with otherworldly landscapes and trance-like visions. As a sort of ritual enactment of their processes coming together, Tadáskía and Almeida render a panoramic tableau sprawling along the wall in the Museum’s Theater Gallery.

Tadáskía and Ana Cláudia Almeida both live and work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tadáskía’s first solo exhibition in a museum in the United States is currently on view at MoMA, New York until October 14, 2024. Her work was featured in the 35th São Paulo Biennial, choreographies of the impossible (2023), with a large-scale installation featuring her wall drawings and sculpture. Ana Cláudia Almeida is currently an MFA candidate in painting and printmaking at Yale University. She has had solo exhibitions at the galleries Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel and Quadra in Brazil. This is her first project in a US museum.

Pamela Joyner and Fred Giuffrida