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DICE | A Conference for Creatives

DICE | A Conference for Creatives

Returning for the first time since the global pandemic, DICE (Design Innovation Creativity Energy) is a multidisciplinary design conference exploring the power and potential of good design. This year, DICE focuses on the theme of Imagine: Gathering Creative Minds to Inspire a More Thoughtfully Designed Future.

For the past 13 years, DICE has served as a platform for all design disciplines and how they improve our future. This year, DICE explores how design re-imagines and re-envisions ideas of the past and fits them into contemporary environments. Design professionals, Reno’s creative community, and art and design students are invited to attend a multi-disciplinary design conference in northern Nevada examining the ways great design empowers individuals, inspires the masses, and enriches entire communities.

2023’s DICE Design Challenge: Bench of the Future: A Design for Every Person
Design a bench that is humane and comfortable. Imagine a future where every person is valued: the need for respite is weighed against the need for recreation and contemplation.

How can your design help promote and better community?

The competition is open to anyone, regardless of age, experience, or 
professional affiliation. This allows anyone with a creative vision to participate and contribute to the design 
of the Chair of the Future. 

See the DICE website for more information on the speakers and requirements for the Design Competition

September 15, 2023 2 – 6 pm