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Nick Larsen on “Old Haunts, Lower Reaches”

Nick Larsen on “Old Haunts, Lower Reaches”

Drawing on the structure of Belongings, his 2019 artist’s book, join Nick Larsen as he weaves image, text, and short storytelling as entry points into his exhibition Old Haunts, Lower Reaches. In the no man’s land between fictional archaeological inventory and autobiography, Larsen maps and mines both what’s present and visible in the desert landscape and, maybe more importantly, what isn’t.

This speculative groundwork supports other preoccupations to be explored here: camouflage, punk merch, the infinite uses for a bandana/hanky, map legend poetics, excavation and survey patterns, color naming, place naming, ghost town reoccupation, vestiges and artifacts, and the meaningful human activity that transforms a place into a site. 


*Admission includes access to First Thursday

April 4, 2024 4 – 5 pm
$15 General
$10 Members
$13 Student