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Sonic Borders

Sonic Borders


Experimental composer, sonic architect, performance artist, and visual media artist Guillermo Galindo joins us for a talk about his work Sonic Borders. By showing moments of disruption on the land, Galindo’s work introduces a complicated look at policing the boundary. 

The extent of the work of experimental composer, sonic architect, performance artist, and visual media creator Guillermo Galindo, redefines the conventional limits between music, the art of music composition and the intersections between all art disciplines, politics, and spirituality. 

Galindo’s artistic practice emerges from the crossroads between sound, sight, and performance and includes everything from orchestral compositions, instrumental works, and opera, to sculpture, visual arts, computer interaction, electro-acoustic music, filmmaking, instrument building, three dimensional installation, and live improvisation. His acoustic compositions include major chamber and solo works, two symphonies commissioned by the UNAM (Mexico university symphony orchestra), the Oakland Symphony Orchestra and choir, and two operas.

Galindo is a Senior Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts, Stanford’s 2018 Mohr Visiting artist as well as the 2019 Thomas P. Johnson Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Rollins Cornell Arts Museum. 



Art Bite
November 5, 2021 12 – 1 pm
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