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Teen Art Night 2020

Teen Art Night 2020

Join the Holland Project and the Nevada Museum of Art for our annual “teen-takeover” featuring live music, DJs, gallery access, interactive adventures, hands-on workshops, special performances and more!

This year’s theme: HAIR – hair as material, a canvas, a symbol of rebellion, of new possibilities, an expression of identity, gender, a fashion statement.

This year’s theme will be embedded throughout the night’s activities and everyone is invited to get in on the action. Make an outfit out of hair, hunt the galleries for hair expressions, create a wig out of non-traditional objects, showcase your own identity with a unique hair statement, create some accessories.

Teachers/parents may submit a request for a fee waiver/reduction to jessica.imus@nevadaart.org if required. 

Sponsored by NV Energy

Special Events
April 17, 2020 7 – 10 pm
$10 General