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Third Coast Dance Film Festival

Third Coast Dance Film Festival

The Third Coast Dance Film Festival celebrates the intersection of contemporary dance and the moving image with a screening series of short dance films.  Currently entering its twelfth season, the 2023 Third Coast Dance Film Festival lineup will include domestic and international films. Join festival co-founder Rosie Trump for an evening celebrating dance and the moving image.

Third Coast Dance Film Festival NMA Film Line Up (1 hour of films):

A Tale Of Two Sisters (Kingdom of Hawai’i / USA)
Director: Angelique Kalini Axelrode
Choreographer: Brigitte Leilani Axelrode
*Spirit of the Festival Award Winner 

Dolores A Triptych (USA)
Director: Gina Margillo
Choreographer: Gina Margillo, Rosie Herrera
*Best of Festival Award Winner

Director: Allison Beda
Choreographer: Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film (USA)
Director: John Jota Leaños, Vanessa Sanchez
Choreographer: Vanessa Sanchez
*Best of Festival Award Winner

Let’s Dance! (Spain)
Director: Second Year Students
Choreographer: None

Morning (USA)
Director: Holly Wilder
Choreographer: Holly Wilder

Not from Here (South Africa) *Best of Festival Award
Director: Oscar O’Ryan
Choreographer: Louise Coetzer

Pas De Trois (France)
Director & Choreographer: Guillaume H. Berrebi

Round of Applause (USA)
Choreographer & Director : Irishia Hubbard
*Best of Festival Award Winner 

Shu (USA)
Director: Mike Schwartz
Choreographer: Shu Kinouchi

February 9, 2023 6 – 8 pm