Drawing Portraits in Charcoal

Drawing Portraits in Charcoal

Thursdays, April 14 – May 19 / 6 – 9 pm

Students will be introduced to a variety of techniques to help improve their portrait drawing skills. Topics covered will include the divisions of the head, two-value block-in, rhythm lines, lost edges and much more. The first two classes will be based in instruction while the remaining four classes will be dedicated to drawing from a live model.    

Instructor: Daniel Helzer
Ages: Adult (15+) / all levels

Supply List: 

  • Charcoal pencils (recommendations: General’s Charcoal, Ritmo, Conte)
  • Soft compressed charcoal sticks
  • White charcoal stick (optional)
  • Blending stump
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Newsprint drawing pad 14”x17” or 18“x24” (smooth or rough depending on your preference)
  • Box of Kleenex for smudging







April 14, 2016 6 – 9 pm