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Introduction to Landscape Photography (Virtual/Hybrid Class)

Introduction to Landscape Photography (Virtual/Hybrid Class)

Wednesdays, August 12 - September 2
6 - 8 pm

Landscape photography is one of the best ways to not only express yourself as a photographer, but also learn more about your camera and the skills it takes to make an impactful image.

This course introduces students to how to create amazing landscape photos by getting the most out of their camera, as well as the skillset and workflow that is required for the genre of landscape photography. Class topics include proper camera settings for landscape shots, required gear for landscape work, including must have items and optional accessories, composition do and don’t for landscape photography, tips and tricks for natural and city landscapes, HDR, and post-production workflows for image enhancement.

This class is being offered in a hybrid format, with some content being presented online via recordings on Vimeo and Zoom, while also having a one day location shoot, with direct contact to the instructor.

Wednesdays, August 12 – September 2
6 – 8 pm

Instructor: MD Welch

The class is broken up over four weeks:

Week 1: Pre-recorded videos for students to watch at their own pace. This substitutes the lecture part of the course, and allows for self-paced learning. Built in homework assignments are included as well as direct contact with the instructor.

Week 2: Online Zoom meeting allows the class to meet as a group while still maintaining social distancing. This allows for questions and answers, and as well as follow up to homework and student questions.

Week 3:  Location shoot. Students will meet a location and time to be determined later, to practice the skills they have learned. Current health guidelines and social distancing will be followed. NOTE: If you are joining this class and outside the region, you can shoot independently with recommendations from your instructor.

Week 4: Follow up Zoom meeting were students will have 1-2 images from the location shoot critiqued, as well as an opportunity to ask any final questions.

Supplies and Instructor Notes: 

Students need own a camera that has manual control over ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

A tripod is recommended, but can be purchased before Part 3, as gear purchasing advice is part of the course.

Part 3 of the course may require a light hike to location. So appropriate clothing and footwear is recommended.

Photography / Video
August 12, 2020 6 – 8 pm