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Introduction to Lightroom Classic

Introduction to Lightroom Classic

Saturdays, February 15 and 22
10 am - 2 pm

CANCELED: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is quickly becoming the go to application for photographers of any experience level, but so many photographers are not using the application to the fullest potential. There are also features of Lightroom Classic CC that are best left to other applications, and those work arounds will be shown in class. From tethered shooting to advanced Develop module techniques, this class with get new Lightroom Classic CC users up and running, and advanced users taking advantage of features that will save time, and reduce frustration.

Saturdays, February 15 and 22
10 am – 2 pm

Instructor: MD Welch
Ages: Adult (15+) / All Levels

Supply list:

Students need to have a laptop with Lightroom Classic already install on the computer before class starts. Older versions of Lightroom will work, Lightroom 5 & 6, but some new features will not be available to students. Do be aware that there are two versions of Lightroom currently offered by Adobe, Lightroom , and Lightroom Classic. This class will be taught using the Classic version. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in asking. Files for the class will take up 6-8 GB of space, and students should have that amount of space free on their computers if they want to work along with the instructor.

Courses Approved for In-service Credit
February 15, 2020 10 am – 2 pm