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Learn to Draw and Paint Horses

Learn to Draw and Paint Horses

In this day long class, students will enjoy drawing using two live horses for reference. Students will explore proportions, bone structure and muscles as well as selecting colors when painting. Simplified lessons will break down the parts and structure of the horse. After a lunch break the class will try their hand at painting with assistance. Students may choose to continue to draw, if they wish.

Instructor: Lady Jill Mueller

Ages: 18 and Up / Beginning to Intermediate Levels

Required Supplies:
Sketchbook, 2-B and 6-B pencils, eraser, folding chair, umbrella and lunch. For those wishing to paint, please bring your selection of painting materials.

Questions: Contact Lady Jill at jill@ladyjill.com

August 9, 2014 9 am – 5 pm