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Painting Techniques: The Still Life in Oil

Painting Techniques: The Still Life in Oil

Friday - Sunday, September 20 - 22
9 am – 4 pm

Imploying the techniques and style of the Dutch Masters, both beginning and more advanced oil painting students will enjoy learning how to set up a still life, develop a concept and composition and will learn how to take a still life painting from start to finish.  Students will explore oil painting techniques, including brushwork, value and color. Referencing the work of Vermeer and  Rembrandt students will work to develop skilled painting of textures and surfaces while exploring use of light, shape and form.

Saturday- Monday, September 21 – 23
9 am – 4 pm

Instructor: Dee Kirkham
Ages: Adults (15+) / All levels

Supply list: 

Suggested place for purchasing supplies:
Nevada Art Supply, Reno, NV
ASWExpress – http:www.aswexpress.com – I have found them to have the best prices & reliable for quick turnaround of shipping.

Oil Paints (Rembrandt, Windsor Newton Oil (not student grade), Old Holland or Vasari Paints (800-932-9375)

Naples Yellow Light

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Red Light

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Burnt Umber

Raw Umber (prefer Windsor Newton)

Ivory Black

Transparent Oxide Red

Titanium White (M Graham Alkyd Formulation – but any Titanium White will be fine)


Rosemary Brushes or Robert Simmons Signet Bristle Brushes or Silver Grand Prix

Sizes:  3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Watercolor Nylon Brush or a very soft brush for smoothing – 1” to 2”

Preferred Medium

Prefer to not use turpentine – I will explain this and show you how to paint without it and how to clean your brushes.

Gamblin Liquin

Maroger Flemish Medium – can be ordered at Old Masters Maroger

http://www.oldmastersmaroger.com – 505-758-2382.  I will have several tubes for sale.

Preferred Surfaces – Smooth

Ampersand – The Artist Panel for oil & Acrylics, Smooth Finish, or canvas

Inner Glow Panels – http://www.billewing.com/panels.htm (877-430-3639)

These boards provide for a smooth surface giving the effect of the Old Dutch Masters style

Canvas Boards, if used should be Belgian Linen Portrait quality.  I recommend Raphael Premium Archival Oil Primed Linen Panels which you can order from Jerry’s Artarama. 

Bring any sizes you prefer – Suggested sizes 89×12, 11×14, 12×16


Plexiglas or glass palette is the best for seeing your color and cleaning.  The simplest is to buy a cheap frame with glass, 12×16 or 16×20, and use the glass for your palette.

Palette Knife 

Any size will be fine, short blade and a long pliable blade preferred.


Please bring you own easel setup or easels are available.   If you prefer to sit when you paint, a table top easel will be fine. 


Artwork Essentials – http://www.artworkessentials.com  – have several sizes of easels that are lightweight, easy to transport and very compact with tripod and accessories.  I will be using one at the workshop.

Paper Towels – Bounty (seem to be the best for not leaving residue on your brushes or painting).

If you prefer not to buy extra supplies from this list, please just bring what you have.  I know art can get expensive.  I will be happy to share what I have with you and this will give an opportunity to try it before you buy.

Still Life Setups

You will be painting your own personal still life setup.  If you have any special vases, flowers, fruit, vegetable or items that you would like to possible put in your painting, please feel free to bring them.  I will be bringing a lot of items for you to choose from also. Also bring a small & large box (flatl) and a dark colored cloth (2 yards minimum) preferably dark green, black or a neutral color.

September 20, 2019 9 am – 4 pm