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Photography: Speed Lighting

Photography: Speed Lighting

Saturdays, April 9 and 16 / 10 am – 2 pm

This photography class is for students who own, or are planning to own, a Speedlight for their cameras (The small flash that can be attached to the top of the camera). Students will learn how to create better light on and off the camera with this lighting accessory and go from flat ugly lighting, to creating light that can compete with expensive studio lighting. This class is perfect for those just learning about lighting, and professionals who are looking to add the power of Speedlights to their skill set.

Instructor: MD Welch

Ages: 15 and up / All levels

Required Supplies: A Speedlight is not required for the first day of class, but students will need to bring a Speedlight to class for the second week. Students will also need to bring their DSLR cameras, manuals, additional lenses, charged batteries for both Speedlights and cameras, as well as memory cards.

Suggested Supplies: Students may also want to purchase a light stand(s), umbrella adaptors, and a umbrella for their Speedlights. However, students may want to hold off on purchasing gear until after the first week of classes’ gear overview, so they know what to buy and not to buy. These additional materials would be used during the second week of class, and are not necessary for the first week.

Photography / Video
April 9, 2016 10 am – 2 pm