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Summer Intensive: Mixed Media and Encaustic Painting Techniques

Tuesday, July 26 – Thursday, July 28 / 9 am – noon

Join us for three mornings of mixed media play and get a taste for all that encaustic (hot wax) has to offer. This class will include a brief overview of the basic encaustic skills and then dive deeper into exploring the best ways to marry various mediums with wax. We will be playing with inks, charcoal, watercolor, mica powders, oils, and collage. Class 1 will focus on surfaces and backgrounds. We will make some of our own custom surfaces to work on and explore different ways of adding transparent colors and pattern. Class 2 will focus on collage and transfer techniques with clear wax to add images to the mix. Class 3 will focus on techniques that add details to our work, like stitching, incising, and mica powders. Students may complete a piece each class focusing on different techniques or continue working on pieces throughout the three classes. 

Instructor: Jessica Weems
Ages: Adult (15+) / all levels

Supply list: 

To collage this can be anything on medium-weight to tissue-weight paper, even napkins! A class selection will also be made available to play and experiment with.

Photocopied Images/Text/Papers 
To transfer these must be toner-based PHOTOCOPIES from a copy shop (Staples, Kinkos, etc.) of any images/text/maps/illustration. Laser prints should also work. Ink-based images WILL NOT TRANSFER! Must be toner! Transferring will FLIP/MIRROR the images so get them mirror-flipped when photocopying to fix this. 

Any scraping/carving tools you already own (supply sill be provided if you do not have any).

Mixed Media
July 26, 2016 9 am – noon