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Summer Intensive: Plaster and Image Transfer

Monday – Friday, June 26 – 30 / 9 am – 12 pm

Ancient and earthy, plaster is a beautiful surface to hold mixed media painting of all types. Texture is easily achieved and organic forms are simply created with this unusual medium. Students will explore using both Plaster of Paris and plaster infused fabric to create multi-layered two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional sculptures and structures. Once the structures and paintings are constructed in plaster, students will learn various mixed media techniques and multiple ways to transfer images onto the surfaces. Everyone will come away with unique projects and an understanding of how to use plaster to enhance mixed media work.

Instructor: Jess Weems
Ages: Adults (15+) / All levels

Supply List:

  • Images/Papers/Text/Maps to collage: This can be anything on medium-weight to tissue-weight paper, even napkins!
  • Photocopied Images/Text/Papers: To transfer these must be toner-based PHOTOCOPIES from a copy shop (Staples, Kinkos, etc.) of any images/text/maps/illustration. Laser prints should also work. Ink-based images WILL NOT TRANSFER! Must be toner! Transferring will FLIP/MIRROR the images so get them mirror-flipped when photocopying to fix this.
  • All other materials included with registration.
Mixed Media
June 26, 2017 9 am – noon