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Writing Small Alphabets and Creating Small Treasures

Writing Small Alphabets and Creating Small Treasures

Mondays, March 30 - April 27
5 – 8 pm

CANCELED: Make your writing small, smaller, smallest as we work with various tools conducive to tiny writing. Three styles of lettering will be learned in this five week class: Monoline Italic, Clothesline Caps, and Willow by Hand, all of which can all be written in a variety of sizes. These delightful letters will be used to create books, boxes, and greeting cards utilizing a variety of materials.

Mondays, March 30 – April 27
5 – 8 pm

Instructor: Carol Pallesen
Ages: Adult (15) / All Levels

Supply List:
__Notebook (if you wish to take notes in class)
__Micron pens (such as Sakura Pigma, Zig, Staedtler, etc.—whatever are you favorites in black 005, 0l, and 08 sizes; I usually use the Pigmas)
__Extra fine point metallic pens (silver and gold are nice, such as Sakura Pen-Touch .7mm) __Ruler (metal cork-backed, 6 or 12”)
__Bone folder (tool used to fold paper)
__Xacto knife and #11 blades
__Cutting surface (scrap of matboard or self-healing mat, about 9×12”ish in size)
__Pencil with eraser
__Gluestick (such as UHU brand, my favorite)
__Rubber cement pick-up (such as Best-Test, to pick up glue stick remnants)
__Scrap paper (such as 8 1/2 x 11” used xerox or computer paper, for gluing backup, about 15 or 20 sheets)
__Water dish (such as an empty well-washed yogurt cup or similar)
__Watercolor pencils (I’ll bring plenty to share if you don’t have your own, but if you have favorites, bring them)
__Small, flat brush (I’ll also bring these to share if you don’t have one)
__Triangle (can be small, 12” or under, 30-60 or 45 degree)
__Rag and baby wipes (to clean tools and your hands)

Optional items (don’t bog yourself down, but you may want some of these):

__Micron pens in other colors and sizes
__Other favorite pointed pens
__A couple tubes of watercolor or gouache
__Dishes and mixing brushes for items above
__Slant board (if that’s how you want to write)
__Cushion or pillow for chair
__A few SMALL rubber stamps and a couple favorite pads
__Bring snacks if you want, since this class is during dinnertime!

Book Arts
March 30, 2020 5 – 8 pm