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Scholarship Program

Due to the generosity of the E. L. Cord Foundation, several scholarships are available each year for a variety of students who desire to take classes offered at the E. L. Cord Museum School.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarships are based upon essay response and financial need. Applications must be received at least ten (10) business days before the first day of the class you are interested in taking. Scholarships are limited and can only be applied toward fees for ONE class. Scholarships do not cover class supplies, materials, or model fees; these fees are the student‘s responsibility. Students can apply for two scholarships in the same session and may be awarded up to three scholarships per year.

Interested in applying for a scholarship?
Please complete the Scholarship Application.


Eddie Guth
Director, E. L. Cord Museum School

Student Scholarships

Students of all ages with financial need are encouraged to apply for scholarships for classes in the E.L. Cord Museum School.

Educator Scholarships

A small number of scholarships are reserved annually for K-12 educators recognizing that arts integration is a vital part of learning. 

Art and Wellness Scholarships

The Museum recognizes that art can be vital to healing. With support from Cancer Care Specialists, we are able to provide limited scholarships to those with ongoing medical conditions and those in recovery.