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Artist Profiles

Learn more about artists who have been a part of exhibitions and projects at the Nevada Museum of Art through these interviews.

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Reko Rennie explores his Aboriginal identity through a broad array of media, including spray paint, prints, sculpture, paste-ups, light projections and site-specific installations. Through his art he provokes discussion surrounding Indigenous culture and identity in contemporary urban

Jack Malotte makes artworks that celebrate the landscapes of the Great Basin, with a unique focus on contemporary political issues faced by Native people seeking to protect and preserve access to their lands. Malotte infuses wry humor into his work, even as he delves into subject matter that is sometimes serious and sobering. 

Ann Johnston’s quilts are inspired by the Sierra Nevada. Made from cloth that she dyed herself, Johnston makes use of patterns to create abstract, literal and sometimes completely imaginative representations of the area. Using both hand and machine she creates dimensions and depths that are seen in the geological makeup of the Sierra Nevada area.