CA+E Research Fellows

The Center for Art + Environment (CA+E) at the Nevada Museum of Art annually names a limited number of research fellows for two-year appointments. The fellowships are not open for application, but are awarded by the Center in recognition of existing or proposed projects that can contribute unique and new understanding of how humans creatively interact with their natural, built, and virtual environments.

Fall 2012 – 2014

Cedra Wood,

is a painter who produces both extraordinary field journals and studio works. In 2012 she was in Spitsbergen, and will continue her travels in 2013. Archive materials, including her field journals, will come to the CA+E.

Jared Stanley,

is a Reno-based poet and artist working on a variety of on-site installations throughout the West. He is also studying the poetics of Helen and Newton Harrison.

UC Berkeley engineer and artist

Ken Goldberg,

creates artworks that manifest remotely-sensed seismic activity in Oakland’s Hayward Fault and elsewhere as dynamic “blooms” inspired by Kenneth Noland’s target paintings

David Stephenson (photographer) & Martin Walch (multimedia artist) ,

are conducting a multi-year investigation along Tasmania’s Derwent River, which hosts one of the more important hydroelectric projects in the Southern Hemisphere. Still photography, four-channel digital video, and a variety of GPS and other mapping tools are being used to create an exhibition and book scheduled for completion in 2015 or later. The project archive will come to the CA+E.

Fall 2011 – 2013

Geoff Manaugh & Nicola Twilley,

co-directors of Columbia University’s Studio-X in New York City, will tour a digital research studio around North America conducting events under the rubric of Venue. The consequent archive will arrive in 2014.

Follow Venue at or on Twitter @venueproject

Terry Evans, photographer, and Elizabeth Farnsworth, writer,

are conducting a poetic investigation into changes wrought on landscape and society in North Dakota by the hydraulic fracking industry. The project will produce an archive for the Center.

Terry Evans, Oil pipeline right of way on prairie near White Earth, 2012


Fall 2010 – Fall 2012

John Carty,

an Australian anthropologist, has been working in the remote Western Australia Indigenous Protected Area of Paruku on an art/science/environment project that will come into the CA+E Archive Collections in 2013.

John Carty and Hansen Pye of the Paruku Project

Lea Rekow’s

Green my Favela is a social practice collaboration between Tio Lino’s Mundo da Arte for at-risk children, Alegria das Crianças crèche, and the artist.  It is located in the Velão, one of the poorest neighborhoods of the Rocinha favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This pilot project produces urban gardens as green spaces in this densest of all urban spaces, and seeks to produce enough food to feed the local children.

Lea Rekow, Urban garden in Green My Favela project

David Abel,

a poet and curator in Portland, Oregon, has been advising the Center on library and archive matters, running the annual CA+E Library Book Sale, as well as researching artists, designers, and architects in the Pacific Northwest who have art + environment practices. Abel has been granted a one-year extension of his project in order to blog about public art projects in Portland by John Grade, the Lead Pencil Studio, and Buster Simpson, all from Seattle.