Research Fellows

The Peter E. Pool Research Fellowships are funded with a generous gift from Nevada Museum of Art board member Dr. Peter E. Pool in the amount of $12,000 per year. Fellowships are awarded annually upon invitation from the Center for Art + Environment (the Center) for a term of one year.

The purpose of the Peter E. Pool Research Fellowship is to encourage serious engagements with materials held in the Center for Art + Environment Archive Collections, as well as the art collections of the Nevada Museum of Art.

Prior to the commencement of the Peter E. Pool Research Fellowship in 2018, the Center appointed Research Fellows for two-year appointments. These individuals were recognized for existing or proposed projects that contributed unique and new understanding of how humans creatively interact with their natural, built, and virtual environments.

Peter E. Pool Research Fellows


Janna Ireland (2021-2023)

Janna Ireland, a Los-Angeles-based photographer, published last year a book of images taken of the work of well-known Black architect Paul Revere Williams. Ireland approaches Williams architecture from a fine arts perspective. She produces photographs that highlight the intimate interior and exterior details of his buildings, bringing her own poetic response to Williams’ work. Ireland recently completed a photographic project on William’s work in Southern California, which includes architectural styles, ranging from Spanish Mediterranean to Modern. Her fellowship will extend her coverage of his career in Nevada, including in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lovelock. In early 2022, the Museum will organize a major exhibition celebrating Williams through her work.

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Jeff Kelly (2021-2023)

Jeff Kelley is an art critic, author, and curator. A practicing art critic since 1977, he worked in both Las Vegas and Reno before moving to California. His reviews and essays about artists have appeared in significant publications including ArtforumArt in America, and the Los Angeles Times. The University of California Press has published two books by Kelley: Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life, a collection of writings by American conceptual artist Allan Kaprow; and, of Childsplay: the Art of Allan Kaprow, published in 2004. Kelley will be researching and writing about late- 20th-century Nevada artists such as Robert McNamara in Reno and Bill Leaf in Las Vegas.

Emily Eliza Scott (2020-2021)

Emily Eliza Scott is Assistant Professor of Art History and Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon’s College of Design. She will be using the Center’s archives as research for a forthcoming book, Uneven Geology: Notes from the Field of Contemporary Art. Scott plans to “examine the recent surge of aesthetic practices by artists, designers, and experimental researchers that engage human-Earth interactions and their material traces, including their inscriptions within what we might call volumetric, earthly archives.” Dr. Scott’s overall research includes art and the public sphere, critical approaches to the built environment, visual cultures of nature, social and environmental justice, and the capacity of art to produce non-instrumental forms of sensing and knowing. Before entering academia, she spent nearly a decade as a National Park Service ranger in Utah and Alaska.

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Past Research Fellows

2019 – 2020

Jonathon Keats

2018 – 2019

Melissa Melero-Moose

2017 – 2019

Nina Elder, Erin Elder, Don Gill 

2016 – 2018

Catherine Chalmers, Charles Lindsay, Erika Osborne

2015 – 2017

Trevor Paglen, Victoria McReynolds

2014 – 2016

Donald Fortescue, Susannah Sayler & Ed Morris, Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson

2013 – 2015

Charles Hood, Kelly Loudenberg

2012 – 2014

Cedra Wood, Jared Stanley, Ken Goldberg, David Stephenson & Martin Walch

2011 – 2013

Terry and Elizabeth Farnsworth, Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley

2010 – 2012

David Abel, John Carty, Lea Rekow