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Helen Glazer:
Walking in Antarctica

CA+E Research Library and Archives | Floor 2

Helen Glazer visited the Antarctic for two months in 2015 as a participant in the National Science Foundations Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. The overall goal of her artistic practice is to provide people “with an understanding of scientific concepts of growth and form in nature and the physical processes that shape the landscape.”

To accomplish this goal in the Antarctic, Glazer photographed ice and geological formations. She used these images as the basis for scans from which she made 3D printed sculptures. Based on these photographs, she also compiled a series of audio tours of the Antarctic landscape that include walks over frozen lakes, around glaciers and sea ice formations, into an ice cave, across fields of boulders, and through a colony of nesting Adélie penguins.

The multimedia project that resulted from this journey provides a unique representation of the world’s most forbidding landscape. 

Materials for this exhibition are drawn from Helen Glazer’s project archive at the Center for Art + Environment Archive Collections.