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  • Tippet Rising

    May 8, 2018   |   By William L. Fox

    In mid-February I drove from Reno down through southern Nevada and Arizona to Tucson. In April I drove east to Salt Lake City and then north up through Wyoming and into Montana. I haven’t prowled around the West as much as I would have liked the last few years, so I was looking forward to... View Post

  • Derwent River Revisited

    April 17, 2018   |   By William L. Fox

    I first wrote about the Derwent River Project in Tasmania by David Stephenson and Martin Walch in July 2012. The photographer and multimedia artist were in the early stages of capturing still and video images along the 100-mile-long river that tumbles from the highlands of the island down to Hobart and the Southern Ocean, a... View Post

  • Desert X

    March 18, 2017   |   By William L. Fox

      Last weekend I was in Palm Springs to give a talk at the newest festival on the international art circuit, Desert X, which offers site-specific projects by sixteen artists scattered across the floor of the Coachella Valley this spring through April 30th. Produced by the non-profit organization Desert Biennial, it was hoped that the... View Post

  • Sine Waves on the Playa

    September 14, 2016   |   By William L. Fox

    I don’t go to Burning Man every year, so when I do, the experiences tend to link up one to another across time. And no more so than this year, which was one of my favorite burns. Sara Frantz and I stay at the Outback camp, the province of Danger Ranger and Dusty Ranger, aka... View Post

  • The Unbearable Light of Being

    May 18, 2016   |   By William L. Fox

    It’s been since late last year that I’ve written an entry for this blog, which gives you some idea of the pace at which things have been moving at the Museum and the Center. We negotiated and acquired the archive from the world’s oldest and largest art & climate organization, Cape Farewell, which was founded... View Post

  • Power Switch: A Gathering Place for Western Neighbors

    October 15, 2015   |   By Michaela Rife

    In 2012 I wrote about the controversy surrounding British artist Chris Drury’s installation Carbon Sink: What Goes Around Comes Around. Three years after its sudden removal from the grounds of the University of Wyoming, apparently on its perceived condemnation of the extractive energies industry, it was the topic of discussion on a pasture hours away... View Post

  • Finding Richard Long

    August 26, 2015   |   By William L. Fox

    I often parse early earthworks from the late 1960s and 1970s into two broad categories. One branch tended toward large permanent installations, such as Michael Heizer’s Complex One (now part of his larger City work), and Walter De Maria’s The Lightning Field. The other strand consisted of more ephemeral works, a type exemplified by the... View Post

  • Norway 2015

    Lofoten Islands, Norway, part 2—June 2-7, 2015

    August 5, 2015   |   By William L. Fox

    Because we had only four days of driving within the islands, we looked for a central place from which to forage for art. The Sandtorgholmen Hotel is a small historic property that sits at the end of a small peninsula on the sound separating the island of Hinnøya from the mainland. Sandtorgholmen has been a... View Post

  • Norway 2015

    Lofoten Islands, Norway June 2-7, 2015

    July 31, 2015   |   By William L. Fox

    Among the truly jaw-dropping landscapes on the planet are the Lofoten Islands, a series of impossibly steep peaks on the northwestern coast of Norway that rise straight out of the ocean in a maze of fjords, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Sara has arranged to fly to Tromsø to meet me the day I return to... View Post

  • The Arctic, 2015

    The Art of Svalbard, May 23-June 1, 2015

    July 26, 2015   |   By William L. Fox

    I was in Svalbard specifically to look at public art deployed around Longyearbyen—the statues of polar bears and miners, and the light works on the Global Seed Vault for example—as part of my examination of how a brandscape was being constructed in the Arctic. But I was also interested in the larger realm of artmaking... View Post

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