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Opening Talk: Martin Sander on Sea Dragons of Nevada

Opening Talk: Martin Sander on Sea Dragons of Nevada

Join Dr. Martin Sander, one of the world’s leading ichthyosaur paleontologists from Bonn, Germany, as he details his 30-year odyssey excavating fossils in Nevada’s Augusta Mountains. Hear his stories of mountaineering for fossils, digging out tons of pounds of ichthyosaur bones, and transporting them to the laboratory via helicopter and in a beer truck. Learn what Sander’s study of these giant animals teaches us about evolution, life on earth, and Nevada’s place in the global scientific community.

Dr. Martin Sander divides his research between excavating sea reptiles from the Age of Dinosaurs in Nevada and elsewhere around the globe and understanding dinosaurs as living animals. These interests converge on understanding the evolution of giants in the ocean and on land.

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September 7, 2024 3 – 4 pm
$20 General
$10 Members