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SOLD OUT: The Reno Phil presents “Being Beethoven”

SOLD OUT: The Reno Phil presents “Being Beethoven”

Join the Reno Phil for an immersive musical experience that explores how classical music’s most revered composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, continued to pursue creating music after losing his hearing and becoming trapped in a silent world. In this interactive concert, attendees are invited to consider how the loss of a sense affects perception. A string quartet and pianist will perform works from Beethoven’s life, starting when he could hear, and throughout his journey into deafness. This program will be accompanied in its exploration by an audiologist, who will provide a scientific perspective to compliment the artistic experience. Enjoy immersive, experiential surprises along the way in this a truly unique concert celebrating the perseverance of art through adversity.

*Concert will be held in the Nightingale Sky Room. Doors open at 7 pm with cash bar. Concert at 7:30 pm. General admission seating. 

Tickets available at renophil.com.

This program is presented as part of UPSTAGE: A Literary and Performing Art Series supported by the Nightingale Family Foundation and the Williams Foundation.

Special Events
February 28, 2020 7:30 – 9:30 pm