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Foundations in Plein Air Painting

Foundations in Plein Air Painting

Wednesdays, May 13 – June 17 / 9 am – noon

This course is all about traveling to scenic outdoor locations near downtown Reno and painting small color sketches or studies (“pochades”) using oils. This class will focus on how to capture light in the landscape quickly. There will be hands-on instruction from setup to finish in this most exciting of all painting endeavors – painting in plein air. First class will meet in the E.L. Cord Museum School with the remaining classes held offsite at scenic locations. Students should have a good foundation in color mixing and painting with oils.

Supply List:

  • French easel/portable easel or pochade box or equivalent 
  • Portable stool & small umbrella (instructor will demonstrate how to setup your outdoor gear for reference in the field) 
  • (2) 11” x 14”, (4) 8” x 10”, and (6) 6” x 8” inexpensive canvas boards
  • Choose ONE 37 ml tube of the brand of your choice from the colors below and a larger tube or 2 tubes of white. Recommended brands are Winsor & Newton, Grumbacher or Gamblin.
    – Cadmium Red by Winsor & Newton
    – Cadmium Red Medium by Gamblin
    – Cadmium Berium Red (not deep) by Grumbacher
    – Permanent Rose by Winsor & Newton
    – Quinacradone Red by Gamblin
    – Quinacradone Red by Grumbacher
    – Winsor Yellow by Winsor & Newton 
    – Hansa Yellow Medium by Gamblin
    – Cadmium Yellow Light by Grumbacher 
    – French Ultramarine Blue by Winsor & Newton
    -,French Ultramarine Blue by Grumbacher -Ultramarine Blue by Gamblin
    – Thalo Blue by Grumbacher
    – Pthalo Blue by Gamblin
    – Ivory Black by Winsor & Newton
    – Ivory Black by Gamblin
    – Ivory Black by Grumbacher
    (2) 37 ml tubes OR (1)150 ml
    – Titanium White by Winsor & Newton
    – Titanium White by Gamblin
    – Titanium White by Grumbacher
  • 2 oz. bottle or larger of Neo-Megilp oil painting medium (by GAMBLIN)
  • 1 – palette – recommended either tempered glass with edges taped or ground, wood or Plexiglas. Cover wood or Plexiglas with Contact plastic shelf liner. 
  • 1 – Silcoil cleaning jar or other small jar with lid 
  • 1 – 8 oz. bottle of artist grade walnut oil (not salad type) 
  • 1 – 2.5 oz. small cake of Masters brush cleaner 
  • 1 each of the following long-handled 2106 CONNOISSEUR pure synthetic brushes (OR any artist quality manufacturer): 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 Filberts. 
  • 4 – Rolls of BLUE shop paper towels 
  • 1 – Wet panel carrier – inexpensive cookie sheet covered in foil or aluminum roasting pan (dollar stores are a good resource for this) for wet painting transport. 

Instructor: David McCamant
Ages: 15 and Up / Some basic experience in oil painting


May 13, 2015 9 am – noon