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Getting Started with Oils: An Introduction to Painting Techniques and Tools

Getting Started with Oils: An Introduction to Painting Techniques and Tools

Monday – Friday, October 8 – 12 / 9 am – 12 pm

This course is intended to introduce students to traditional  painting techniques using oils. Students will gain a good foundational working knowledge of how to setup subjects, blocking, brushwork, mixing color and the use of Neo Megilp medium. The “ala prima” (in one sitting) also called “direct painting” technique will be taught in making still life paintings. Each lesson begins with the concepts to be covered, demonstration of the techniques, hands on experience and ends with suggested homework to be critiqued at the next lesson.

Instructor: David McCamant
Ages: Adult (15+) / Beginners welcome!


Inexpensive canvas boards or panels. Students who wish to do the homework will need to double the number of panels. 
1 – 11″ x 14” (OPTIONAL – add one more for homework*)
2 – 8″ x 10″ (OPTIONAL – add two more for homework*)
3 – 6″ x 8″ (OPTIONAL – add three more for homework*)
OIL PAINT – 1 – 37 ml tube of oil paint in the following colors:   
WHITE: Titanium White (2 tubes are suggested)   
YELLOW:Cadmium Lemon, Windsor Yellow, Hansa Yellow, Medium or Cadmium Yellow Light  
RED:Cadmium Red Hue, Cadmium Red Medium or Cadmium Berium Red (not deep) 
BLUE: French Ultramarine Blue or Ultramarine Blue
BLACK: Ivory Black
MAGENTA (OPTIONAL*): Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Red 
CYAN (OPTIONAL*):  Thalo Blue or Phthalo Blue
You may bring whatever paint you have as long as they are the correct hues or colors. An inexpensive option is Windsor Newton Winton student colors. ‘Artist Grade’ paints will produce better results in color mixing.
PAINTING MEDIUM: Neo MeGilp Medium 2oz or Larger
BRUSHES – Recommend Connoisseur brand #2106 pure synthetic oil paint brushes or any artist quality manufacturer VERY IMPORTANT. 1 each #6 and #8 Long-Handled Filberts
PALETTE – Gray Matters, palette paper or equivalent
CLEANING JAR – Silicoil cleaning jar or other small jar with lid
CLEANING SOLUTION – 1 – 8oz bottle of artist grade Walnut oil
BRUSH CLEANER – 2.5 OZ small cake of The Masters Brush Cleaner
PAPER TOWELS – 1 roll of BLUE shop paper towels (OPTIONAL – add one more for homework*)
WET PANEL CARRIER – inexpensive cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil or aluminum roasting pan for wet painting transport
Approximate Materials Cost $100. With OPTIONAL ITEMS $130.

October 8, 2018 9 am – noon